Captain of None out today, video stills and news for the week!

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After 9 long months of waiting, my fifth album Captain of None is finally out and you can stream the album directly from the Thrill Jockey page for the album and buy it there or at any other real or online shop you fancy – athough as you probably know labels benefit most when you buy your copy directly from them! The white vinyl limited edition is already sold out so a huge thank you to all those of you who have bought copies – the vinyl copies I will be selling on this tour are all white vinyl as long as that lasts, so if you want to grab a copy at one of my live shows just head straight to the merch table as I will be bringing very few copies with me (my luggage on tour is 25 kilos so I’m never able to bring large quantities of merch).

There will be many things coming up this week, and one I’m really looking forward to is the premiere of Naoko Tanaka‘s incredible video for the title song of the album – here are more stills from the video.

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 5

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 6

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 7

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 8

There will also be interviews, a mix for Solid Steel,  a concert in Paris at the Magic Barbès Festival at FGO Barbara on Saturday, and every day on my facebook page I will post photos taken during the recording of the album, to give you a glimpse of how it was recorded. Today here’s a portrait taken by Iker Spozio of me and the star of this album, my beloved treble viola da gamba made by the great French luthier François Danger of Atelier des 7 cordes.

colleen and treble viola da gamba - iker spozio

Thank you SO MUCH for your support, it truly means a lot to me :-)))

US tour finalised and fully confirmed!

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Ten days ago I finally received my US work visa (which will last for 3 years – hurrah!) and I can now finally confirm the full US tour with a total of 9 dates as well as a radio session for WNYC’s Spinning on Air! I’m so excited as I haven’t played in the States since 2008 and I’m playing some cities and areas for the first time (Seattle, Portland, New Hampshire). I can already tell that some of these concerts will be very special, such as Philadelphia which has just been confirmed with the great King Britt opening the night, and the small Seaview concert in which I will share the bill with a special friend and super talented musician (TBA soon)! A huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible: Tamizdat for securing the visa, Thrill Jockey for their help, the friends and musicians who facilitated some of these concerts, and especially the promoters and curators who took a chance on booking a French artist without a confirmed visa!!!

June 11, 2015, San Francisco, US – Exploratorium, Resonance Series

June 13, 2015, Seattle, US – Good Shepherd Chapel, Wayward Music Series

June 14, 2015, Seaview, WA, US – Sou’Wester (limited capacity)

June 17, 2015, Portland, US – Holocene – presented by Beacon Sound

June 18, 2015, Portland, US – Beacon Sound (instore performance – limited capacity)

June 20, 2015, Chicago, US – Constellation

June 23, 2015, New York, US – Subculture – presented by Wordless Music

June 25, 2015, Portsmouth, NH, US – 3S Artspace

June 27, 2015, Philadelphia, PE, US – Fringe Arts 

lisbon st george church 23 may 2013 - far out and beyond 2

“Captain of none” video stills, Boomkat album of week and white vinyl in Europe, Japanese edition with bonus tracks, Cappadox festival.

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Quite a few thing to share with you this week!

Naoko Tanaka is an extremely talented Japanese artist working in the fields of performance and installation, she does really amazing things with lights, shadows and projections, and she has just completed a video for my song “Captain of None”. I saw the video for the first time a couple of days ago and I cannot wait to share it with you on 8th April as what she has done is just stunning. Here are some stills from the video giving you a hint of what’s to come.

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 1

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 2

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 3

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 4

Boomkat has selected Captain of None as album of the week, you can read the review and hear excerpts from three of the songs (“I’m Kin”, “Eclipse” and “Holding Horses”) as well as buy the white vinyl edition here (to my knowledge, they’re the only European retailer stocking the white version, which you can otherwise order directly from Thrill Jockey).

The album gets a special release in Japan on the PLANCHA label and their CD version includes two bonus tracks made specially for that edition (two dubbed-out versions of “I’m Kin” and “Captain of None”). I’m also hoping to be able to do a small Japanese tour at some point in the autumn – it’s been a long time since 2008!

Finally, I will be playing my first ever concerts in Turkey at the Cappadox Festival in Uçhisar, Cappadocia, on May 16 and 17, 2015 – as usual all details can be found in the live section. The area and venue look incredible and the line-up includes some great artists too!

Captain of None CDs, video in the making, studio photos and concerts…

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Last month when I announced the limited white vinyl edition of Captain of None, I was so excited about it that I said that the album was also available on “regular old CD”, which 1) shows that I prefer vinyl (for reasons of sound but also longevity – hands up if a lot of your old CDs skip or won’t play..) 2) isn’t fair at all because the CD version is a beautiful mini gatefold containing another illustration on the inside of the gatefold, as well as a full colour booklet (the vinyl has a different insert, black and white), and here’s what it looks like, with artwork and design by Iker Spozio as always… Both vinyl and cd are on preorder here.
captain CD

In other news, the amazingly talented stop-motion video artist Christophe Thockler has started work on a video for my song “I’m Kin”, and I really cannot wait to see the results! Christophe is taking pictures as he’s shooting and I’ve been sharing them via Facebook, but here they are for you non-Facebook users ;-) If you are not familiar with Christophe’s work, I strongly urge you to go watch his incredible “Cusp” video for Mimi Goese and Ben Neill.

Speaking of making of, I’ve added a STUDIO PHOTOS section on this website where I will be putting the photos of my studio that I regularly post on Facebook, so it’ll make one nice space in which you can have a little glimpse of where and how I work.

On the live front, one live show in the US has been added, on June 25th in Portsmouth, NH, at 3S Artspace, with Nat Baldwin of the Dirty Projectors opening, and there should be another US East Coast show to announce soon, as well as concerts in Turkey.

This week on Friday 13th March I’m kicking off the tour with a slightly early date in Munich at the Frameworks festival – good job I’m not superstitious, because it’s the first time I will be playing the album live in its (almost) entirety! ;-)

Boiler Room and Stereogum track premiere + Barbican London show 24th May!

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I’m delighted to finally be able to share the title track of my forthcoming album, Captain of None, out on Thrill Jockey on April 6th in Europe and April 7th worldwide. Both Stereogum and The Boiler Room premiered it today, here and here, as well as the French-speaking website The Drone here. You can also access it via the Boiler Room’s Soundcloud and Thrill Jockey’s Youtube page. I truly hope it’ll make you feel like listening to the rest of the album once it’s out! You can preorder the album in its limited edition white vinyl format or the mini-gatefold CD format here – European customers should be able to grab the white vinyl from Boomkat very soon (indeed postage prices from the US to Europe will cost you as much as the vinyl itself – I will post again about the white vinyl’s availability as soon as I get that info).

In other big news, I am very happy to announce that my concert in London will be presented by the Barbican in association with Artic Circle on May 24, 2015 at LSO St Luke’s! I’m honoured to be able to play in such a beautiful venue, presented by such a prestigious institution and Artic Circle who had organised one of my favourite gigs ever, Union Chapel back in 2008! Members of the Barbican can buy their tickets now, and tomorrow at 10 am tickets will be available for purchase to everyone.

LSO St Luke's

I will also be playing in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Holland, at the FAQ festival on April 18th.

You can find the full list of shows in the live shows section or on my Songkick. I hope to see you there!

Preorder Captain of None, out on April 7th on Thrill Jockey

February 13, 2015 § 1 Comment

So… I’ve had to wait 7 long months to be able to share this news officially: my fifth album Captain of None will be out on April 7th on Thrill Jockey! You can preorder it now and make sure you get the chance to grab one of the 500 white vinyl copies (first time one of my albums is available on coloured vinyl, so I’m excited like a kid!)! All remaining vinyl copies are on black vinyl (and of course all vinyl copies come with digital download), and the album is also available as a 4-panel mini-LP style gatefold CD.

Thank you for your patience! :-)))



FACT Magazine interview and Captain of None tour dates!

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I am very excited to be able to share many good news with you today!

First of all I had the pleasure of talking with John Twells of FACT Magazine and I hope you will enjoy reading the interview, which gives you a little preview of what you can expect in the new album, as well as a more general overview of my evolution as a musician over the past couple of years.

But I’m also overjoyed to finally be able to share with you the Captain of None tour dates – it’s taken me months of hard work to book these dates, as well as go through the US visa process, and I’m very grateful to all the people involved in making this happen, including my new home Thrill Jockey for their help. 15 dates in total, 8 in Europe, 7 in the US (including an instore performance at Beacon Sound in Portland), and a few more dates will no doubt be added in the coming weeks. A concert in a beautiful London venue is fully confirmed for late May but I have to wait until next week before I can announce it!

Here is the full concert list as it stands now, additional info and ticket links when available can be found in the live section or on my Songkick.

March 13, 2015, Munich, Germany – Frameworks Festival
April 11, 2015, Paris, France – Centre Musical Barbara FGO – Magic Barbès festival
May 3, 2015, Cork, Ireland – Cork Opera House
May 8, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal – ZDB
May 9, 2015, Braga, Portugal – GNRation
May16-17-18, 2015, Nevsehir, Turkey – Cappadocia Festival – TWO SHOWS – EXACT DATES TBC
May 24, 2015, London, UK – LSO St Luke’s
June 11, 2015, San Francisco, US – Exploratorium, Resonance Series
June 13, 2015, Seattle, US – Good Shepherd Chapel, Wayward Music Series
June 14, 2015, Seaview, US – Sou’Wester
June 17, 2015, Portland, US – Holocene
June 18, 2015, Portland, US – Beacon Sound instore performance
June 20, 2015, Chicago, US – Constellation
June 23, 2015, New York, US – Subculture – presented by Wordless Music

See you there, and as always thank you for your support, it’s what keeps me going through the most ungrateful parts of the job! :-)))


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