“Captain of none” live video + TV feature + Stockholm concert streaming

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Back from Stockholm with quite a few things to share with you !

Here is the short feature that Swedish national TV SVT did on me in their culture programme Kulturnyheterna, with short excerpts from one of my new songs entitled “Captain of none”.

The whole song can be seen hereIt was recorded at 10 :30 in the morning, which meant I had to do a quick set up and soundcheck before 10 o’clock, not very easy for someone like me who is not a morning person at all (and even less so after a full day of travelling to get from Spain to Sweden!), and it’s actually pretty hard to sing just an hour after getting up and not having even spoken with anyone yet ! The floor tom that I play in the last section of the song is unfortunately very low in the mix… which just makes me feel like going into my studio and recording the song for real ! ;-)

Last but definitely not least, the concert I gave for Art’s Birthday Party in the beautiful Södra Teatern on Friday night is available in streaming here (to navigate within the stream point your mouse on the timer at the top right of the screen and the time bar will appear). I think it’s one of the best concerts I’ve given since going back to playing live last year, and it’s also really well recorded, so I’m very happy about this being available.

The setlist is as follows :

Ursa Major Find


Once upon a time there was a pretty fly (cover from the film The night of the hunter)

I’ll read you a story

I’m kin

The weighing of the heart

Captain of none

I’ve been especially excited about playing all the new songs, and you can follow the lyrics to them in the updated lyrics section of this website.

Stockholm live broadcast and TV appearance + Bayonne and Pau concerts + artwork prints and concert posters

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I’ll be playing in Stockholm for Art’s Birthday Party on Friday 24th January, and 20 minutes of the performance will be broadcast between 22:40-23:00  CET (Central European Time), preceded by a short interview at 22:35,  on national Swedish Radio Sverige Radio P2, available in streaming here (use the time zone converter to check the time in your country). The whole performance will be broadcast in a show called Elektroniskt in late March/early April.

I will also appear shortly on Swedish national TV SVT in the Kulturnyheterna programme, at some point on Friday 24 January, not sure at what time exactly, but it should be available in streaming here for a couple of days.

I’ll also be playing in France, in Bayonne on 13 February and Pau on 14 February (these are the correct dates – I initially inverted the dates on my future shows schedule).

Last but not least, the brilliant artwork created by Iker Spozio for The Weighing of the Heart (inside cover here), Solar/Stellar and my London and Crystal Palace concerts,  is now available in high-quality, limited edition giclee prints at Artelimited .

For those of you on a tighter budget, I’ve also finally gotten hold of the London and Crystal Palace posters that were printed for those shows on A3 matte paper : there are only 12 copies of each poster left, available for 8 euros + postage. The posters can be signed by both myself and Iker if you so wish. If you’d like one or several copies, please contact me directly (via the email in the contacts section), telling me the number of posters you’d like and your country of residence so that I can inform you on postage costs.


COLLEEN_ANTENNA_by iker spozio

Concert with live broadcast in January, photos from Cork and live photos update, lyrics section, and a huge thank you !

December 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

Last post of the year, with quite a few things to announce!

First and foremost I’m delighted to announce I’ll be playing live in Stockholm on 24 January 2014, at Södra Teatern for Art’s Birthday Party, an event which will be broadcast live on Swedish Radio Channel P2 (I believe those of you outside Sweden will be able to stream it, and that there will be more broadcasts afterwards – more details when we get closer to the date). Details here.

I will also play in Pau and Bayonne in France in February, and there will be more concerts during spring, so as always keep your eyes peeled.

As a side note, and just to make sure no one gets sent back to his or her country following the post in which I said that now non-US musicians can go play live in the US without a performer’s visa, well, it turns out I was given the wrong information! I do need a visa, and am in the process of getting one… Yes, some things are just too good to be true, indeed…

My last concert of the year was in Cork, Ireland, and I had a truly fantastic time at the Triskel Arts Centre thanks to the Fractured Air brothers who organized it and the wonderfully warm audience. Fractured Air wrote a post about the whole evening, containing some wonderful pictures taken during the soundcheck by Izabela of izyandthesunshines blog. You can see some of the pictures below, and check out all of them here. Thank you so much Izabela!

colleen soundcheck 1 by zyandthesunshines.blogspot.ie colleen soundcheck 2 by zyandthesunshines.blogspot.ie

colleen soundcheck 3 by zyandthesunshines.blogspot.ie colleen soundcheck 4 by zyandthesunshines.blogspot.ie colleen soundcheck 5 by zyandthesunshines.blogspot.ie

I have updated the live photos section of the website, and here are a couple more pics from the Rennes concert in October (all of them can be seen here).

colleen rennes  16 october 2013 1 electronik festival by  www.freeeze.me colleen rennes  16 october 2013 2 electronik festival by  www.freeeze.me colleen rennes  16 october 2013 3 electronik festival by  www.freeeze.mecolleen rennes  16 october 2013 4 electronik festival by  www.freeeze.me

I have also added a lyrics section, realizing that those of you who have bought the album digitally do not have access to the lyrics. I will also add the lyrics for three of my new songs at the time of the Swedish concert broadcast.

Finally, I’d like to end this last post for 2013 by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH once more to all those of you who have come to the shows, bought the new album, or shown your support in one way or another: I was so happy to release a new album and to go back to playing live this year, and it really means a lot to me to be able to share all this new music with you all.

I wish you all the best for 2014, see you soon :-)))

Cork on 2nd November + live review and photos + We are Noise and Soundwave interviews

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Leaving tonight for my last concert of the year and my first time in Cork, Ireland! The concert is on Saturday 2nd November at Triskel Christchurch, all details here.

On that occasion I answered some questions from Irish webzine We are noise, read the interview here.

I had a lovely time playing four shows in France a couple of weeks ago, and here’s a very detailed review (in French) of the show in Rennes with some nice photos, and as detailed live reviews are a rare thing I thought I’d share it with you!

Merci à toutes celles et tous ceux qui se sont déplacés pour ces concerts ! :-) Et honte à moi et toutes mes excuses pour m’être trompée sur la date du concert de Poitiers, qui était le 12 octobre et non pas le 14 comme indiqué sur mon site… J’espère que personne ne s’est retrouvé devant des portes fermées !

Finally, for those of you who missed my interview on the Soundwave show, you can listen to it online here.



Back in the US next year + free remix download on Dublab + Soundwave interview + Catania concert

September 30, 2013 § 2 Comments

Back in the US next year

I thought I would perhaps never have the pleasure of writing this news here, but I’m finally going to play in the US again! I’m overjoyed with the news, as over the past year I’ve received many messages from some of you based in the US asking me when I would come to perform again (indeed, incredibly enough considering the lack of press coverage for my music in the States, my blog’s statistics show that the biggest number of visitors are from the US – so thanks for your support! :-)))

Whenever I got these messages, I thought the answer was “Never”, since I was convinced that I needed a performer’s work visa to come and play in the States legally. When I had to get one of these in 2007, to say that it was a stressful experience is an understatement (on top of being an expensive, complicated and lengthy procedure), so the mere idea of having to go through this again, especially now that I live so far from the French US embassy, was enough to make me think playing live in the States was not an option. If you want to have an idea of the extent of the problem, check out this Washington Post article from 2007.

However, incredibly enough (I still have to pinch myself to believe it), there is now a Visa Waiver Program which also applies for musicians, so if all goes well (fingers crossed), I will reach American shores in June of next year, for at least one concert (but hopefully more, and on both coasts!) in San Francisco’s Exploratorium Museum on 12 June 2014 – more info here.

Free remix download on Dublab

As part of Dublab’s MP3 blog, you can now download The Home Current’s remix of ‘Breaking Up the Earth’, released last week as part of the Solar/Stellar (Colleen Remixed) digital EP, here.

COLLEEN-solar stellar-by iker spozio

Soundwave interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by John Cavanagh (half of the Electroscope duo, who among other things helped me tremendously by giving me access to his collection of music boxes and recording them for the Colleen et les boîtes à musique EP back in 2006) and selecting a couple of songs for his Soundwave show on Radio 6 International: you can listen to it today (Monday 30th September) at 19:00 GMT here (to calculate what time this means for your country of residence, go here).

The show will later be available on Radio Six’s mixcloud, I will post the link to it as soon as it’s available in the listen/interviews section.

Catania concert last week

Last but not least, I’ve just come back from Sicily, where I played one of my favourite concerts ever, in what I would surely rank as one of the top 3 or 4 most beautiful places where I’ve had the chance to play, Palazzo Biscarri in Catania. I’m usually not a fan of over-the-top 18th century architecture, but to walk through the palazzo, to be able to admire the candle-lit entrance at night, and to actually get to play in the grand salon was an extraordinary experience (not to mention the incredible acoustics – the room was apparently constructed according to specific calculations to enhance the sound). Thank you so much Jacopo Leone of Efestiade/Etcetera for organizing this event so wonderfully and in such a generous spirit ! :-)))

catania, palazzo biscari, 20 september 2013

Solar/Stellar (Colleen Remixed) – digital EP out today and video!

September 23, 2013 § 3 Comments

I’m very happy and excited to announce the release of Solar/Stellar (Colleen remixed), a digital EP on Second Language http://secondlanguagemusic.com featuring remixes of three songs from my last album The Weighing of the Heart. I’m usually not a fan of remixing as a concept and as a practice, as I rarely find remixes to be superior or equal to the originals  (I do love the concepts of version and dub in the Jamaican style though, something much more inventive in my opinion – but I digress). However I just had to change my mind when I heard the remixes of “Breaking Up the Earth” by the Home Current and “Moonlit Sky” and “Ursa Major Find” by Comma Period http://comma-period.tumblr.com/

“Breaking Up the Earth” was the track I worked on last while making the album, and bears the mark of what I plan to develop further on my next album: a much more rhythmical, dub-influenced approach. From the start I thought it almost begged to be remixed, and indeed the Home Current took that seed and transplanted it into inventive – dare I say the word? :-) – dancefloor territory. As for “Moonlit Sky” and “Ursa Major Find”, the vocal-heavy remixes of Comma Period sound to me like a far-out encounter between early Steve Reich and a sort of stuttering My Bloody Valentine. I do hope you’ll like them as much as I do!

Visual artist Sougwen Chung http://sougwen.com has made a truly incredible video for the “Moonlit Sky” remix.

And the wonderful artwork is once again courtesy of Iker Spozio http://ikerspozio.net

You can buy the EP from most digital retailers, including
Boomkat : http://boomkat.com/downloads/797933-colleen-solar-stellar
Amazon : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Solar-Stellar-Colleen-Remixed/dp/B00EP3JXBA
ITunes https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/solar-stellar-colleen-remixed/id691180277
Spotify http://spoti.fi/16lnJkV

COLLEEN-solar stellar-by iker spozio

Apologies in advance if some of the links don’t work, I’m writing this post away from home on a tablet using an android app for the first time and well…it’s not easy! :-)


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Back into action after a much-needed break this summer!

I very rarely participate in compilations but decided to make an exception for music and migration iii, the third and final instalment in a trilogy released by second language, the label that released my last album. The project was launched in partnership with birdlife international who are celebrating their 20th birthday, and the compilation’s aim is to highlight the problems (usually due to man’s actions) encountered by migrating birds. Find out about the compilation here and about birdlife international here.


I’m going back to playing live in a couple of weeks, first in sicily on 20 september, then for 4 shows in france in october and a show in cork, ireland, on 2 november. As usual you can find all the details in the future shows section (be careful with show times for the poitiers and rennes concerts as they are a bit unusual / attention aux horaires des concerts à poitiers et rennes, assez inhabituels).

If you’re wondering what my concerts sound and look like these days, you can see a video of my show from 13 june 2013 in paris at the collège des bernardins. Thank you benoit!

Here’s a short version (also available on youtube here)…

… and a longer one

More news of a discographical nature soon!  :-)


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