Concert with live broadcast in January, photos from Cork and live photos update, lyrics section, and a huge thank you !

December 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

Last post of the year, with quite a few things to announce!

First and foremost I’m delighted to announce I’ll be playing live in Stockholm on 24 January 2014, at Södra Teatern for Art’s Birthday Party, an event which will be broadcast live on Swedish Radio Channel P2 (I believe those of you outside Sweden will be able to stream it, and that there will be more broadcasts afterwards – more details when we get closer to the date). Details here.

I will also play in Pau and Bayonne in France in February, and there will be more concerts during spring, so as always keep your eyes peeled.

As a side note, and just to make sure no one gets sent back to his or her country following the post in which I said that now non-US musicians can go play live in the US without a performer’s visa, well, it turns out I was given the wrong information! I do need a visa, and am in the process of getting one… Yes, some things are just too good to be true, indeed…

My last concert of the year was in Cork, Ireland, and I had a truly fantastic time at the Triskel Arts Centre thanks to the Fractured Air brothers who organized it and the wonderfully warm audience. Fractured Air wrote a post about the whole evening, containing some wonderful pictures taken during the soundcheck by Izabela of izyandthesunshines blog. You can see some of the pictures below, and check out all of them here. Thank you so much Izabela!

colleen soundcheck 1 by colleen soundcheck 2 by

colleen soundcheck 3 by colleen soundcheck 4 by colleen soundcheck 5 by

I have updated the live photos section of the website, and here are a couple more pics from the Rennes concert in October (all of them can be seen here).

colleen rennes  16 october 2013 1 electronik festival by colleen rennes  16 october 2013 2 electronik festival by colleen rennes  16 october 2013 3 electronik festival by  www.freeeze.mecolleen rennes  16 october 2013 4 electronik festival by

I have also added a lyrics section, realizing that those of you who have bought the album digitally do not have access to the lyrics. I will also add the lyrics for three of my new songs at the time of the Swedish concert broadcast.

Finally, I’d like to end this last post for 2013 by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH once more to all those of you who have come to the shows, bought the new album, or shown your support in one way or another: I was so happy to release a new album and to go back to playing live this year, and it really means a lot to me to be able to share all this new music with you all.

I wish you all the best for 2014, see you soon :-)))

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