You can write to me in English, French or Spanish. For press, live booking and synch licencing, please see below. Please note that in general I do not accept commissions, collaborations, compilation contribution requests, remixing or being remixed. I definitely read all emails and they are all greatly appreciated, but I thank you in advance for your understanding if I fail to reply – this is not due to lack of interest or gratitude, but lack of time and energy.


US Press: Mike Boyd at Thrill Jockey

EU Press: Matthew Fidler at Thrill Jockey


I accept very few live shows. Please contact me directly.


If you wish to licence a song of mine, contact me and please note the following important information:

– please give me very specific details on the desired use: length of licencing, media, duration of the song within context, total budget, etc

– unless a project is specifically for charity or school or university studies, no free licencing is available.

– I own the PUBLISHING for all my songs.

I own MASTER rights for The weighing of the the heart and Mort aux Vaches albums, so can do a one-stop clearance for these.

Thrill Jockey own the MASTER rights to the  Captain of None and A flame my love a frequency albums, so you should contact both myself for publishing and Thrill Jockey Records for master rights.

For all other albums, please contact me first: depending on your project, I can do a one-stop clearance or direct you to my synch licencing agent if more appropriate.


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