Write to me in French, English or Spanish


US Press: Mike Boyd at Thrill Jockey

EU Press: Matthew Fidler at Thrill Jockey


North America: Ground Control Touring, contact

Asia: Revival Agencycontact

France: Voulez-Vous Danser, contact

Spain: Born!music, contact

Portugal: contact

Switzerland, Germany, Austria: Just Because, contact

All other bookings: contact me directly, with specific details. Vague requests or offers will not be answered.


If you wish to licence a song of mine, contact me and please note the following important information:

– please give me very specific details on the desired use: length of licencing, media, duration of the song within context, total budget, etc

– unless a project is specifically for charity or school or university studies, no free licencing is available.

– I own all the PUBLISHING and MASTER rights to my songs, except for the songs on Captain of None, for which you should contact both myself for publishing and Thrill Jockey Records for master rights.


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