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Four months ago I was telling you about how I had finally recovered the rights to my first 3 albums and EP after a long legal battle, and I am so so very happy to let you know that finally, those records are available again, and have found a new loving home thanks to Thrill Jockey Records! Not only that, but my least-widely available album, 2013’s The weighing of the heart, originally released on Second Language in 2013, is now available via, the record mailorder of Morr Music.

So here’s the lowdown: we only bought part of the Leaf vinyl stock, not all of it, and we did not buy any of the CD stock. Please note:

1) All the albums are available on black vinyl on both my Bandcamp and Thrill Jockey’s webshop, but for coloured vinyl, please compare between Bandcamp and the TJ webshop, as availability will vary.

2) Bandcamp orders are now fulfilled by Thrill Jockey *from the US* – which is great news for those of you who live over there and so far had to pay prohibitive shipping prices from the UK.  3) If you live outside the US, then it might be best for you to shop from Thrill Jockey’s webshop, which can send from both the US *and* the UK.

4) If you are after CDs of my early output, the best place to get them now is Thrill Jockey’s webshop, and they will ship from the UK: the available quantities are extremely limited, and it’s unlikely that my albums will ever be reprinted on CD, which is a dying format, so take advantage of the few dozen copies that remain.

5) The Beacon Sound tapes are available again on my Bandcamp, shipping from the US. A few are also still available directly from Beacon Sound’s webshop.

6) The weighing of the heart is now for sale on CD and vinyl via my Bandcamp and, the record mailorder of Morr Music – in both cases getting shipped from Germany, with – I’m pleased to say – fairly competitive pricing for non-EU customers (at least much better than the ridiculous Spanish postage fees I had to charge you!).

A big thank you to Morr Music, a huge one to Thrill Jockey Records, Nicole Kasper in particular for handling all the dirty work of putting things up for sale, and the biggest thank you of all goes to Thrill Jockey’s Bettina Richards for all her help in making this happen and giving a new life to those records – THANK YOU BETTINA!!! :-)

And to celebrate, here’s the beautiful video made by Makino Takashi for “Humming fields” from The weighing of the heart back in 2013! :-)



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