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All of my albums are available on vinyl, CD and digitally.

For a full summary of what’s available where on 2nd September 2022, head over to this post.

Available at all major online retailers, Spotify and Itunes, but I encourage you for both digital and physical to check my Bandcamp first, as well as Thrill Jockey’s online shop, for The Weighing of the heart, also Beacon Sound for tapes, and of course small online retailers and small physical shops!


The Tunnel and the Clearing, Thrill Jockey (2021)

A Flame Variations (Live in the Moog Soundlab), Bandcamp digital only release (2019)

A flame my love, a frequency, Thrill Jockey (2017), Plancha (Japan)

Captain of None, Thrill Jockey (2015), Plancha (Japan) with bonus tracks available on Itunes

The Weighing of the Heart, Second Language (2013)

Les Ondes Silencieuses, The Leaf Label (2007), Windbell (Japan), Beacon Sound (tape edition 2017 SOLD OUT)

Colleen et les Boîtes à Musique, EP, The Leaf Label (2006), Beacon Sound (tape edition 2017 SOLD OUT)

Mort aux Vaches, LP (live session from VPRO), Staalplaat (2006),

The Golden Morning Breaks, LP, The Leaf Label (2005), Windbell (Japan), Beacon Sound (tape edition 2017 SOLD OUT)

Everyone Alive Wants Answers, LP, The Leaf Label (2003), Beacon Sound (tape edition 2016 – SOLD OUT)

Deluxe tape bundle available exclusively from Beacon Sound with Iker Spozio artprint – SOLD OUT

Babies, active suspension, 7’’ (2002)


kalimba and MF-104M on “peaches and pineapple” by The Home Current 

viola on stay tuned by machinefabriek, 2014

viola on “de deux choses l’une” and “the grass divides as with a comb” and clarinet on “sea of roofs” by half asleep,
subtitles for the silent versions
, we are unique / humpty dumpty, 2011

reading an excerpt from marcel proust’s à la recherche du temps perdu – la prisonnière’ on “la lectrice” by the beautiful schizophonic, musicamorosa, cronica, 2007

cello on “leaves abstract in a village plunged into mourning” by library tapes, feelings for something lost, resonant, 2006

cello on “in the mood” and “the heat” by ultra milkmaids, pocket station,  ant-zen, 2006


“bird song”, music and migration III, second language, 2013

“sea of tranquillity” (later re-recorded and released on les ondes silencieuses)
uovo magazine, 11th issue, 2006

“the accordion song” (recorded live), dis-patched, rx:tx, 2005

 “1%” (7 short pieces to be played randomly in a lift, curated by david jourdan and yuji oshima for the French Ministère de la Culture), pork salad press, 2004

“slow flower” (exclusive track), instruments, list, 2004

“good morning sunshine” (only available elsewhere as the b side of the babies single), active suspension vs clapping music, active suspension, 2003

“nice and simple” (available on everyone alive wants answers), toxic girls, tsunami addiction, 2003

“ritournelle” (also available on everyone alive wants answers), compil.japon.02E19, événement, 2003


remix of murcof track,  “muim”, on utopia,  2004, the leaf label

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