2021 documentary on the making of my album The Tunnel and the Clearing, with 3 songs played live in my studio

2017 presentation of my electronic setup – used to both record A flame my love, a frequency in my studio and play it live

Live interview and session for WNYC New Sounds, New York, 7 November 2017

Live in Paris, radio studio Studio 104 for Foule Sentimentale programme for France Inter, 23 November 2017 (Winter dawn / Summer night (Bat song) / The stars vs creatures)

Summer night (Bat anthem) in Lisbon, ZDB, 7 December 2017 – an alternative version of Summer night (Bat song) which I’ve been playing at encores at live shows

Live in Paris (Boulogne-Billancourt), BBmix festival, 25 November 2017 (Winter dawn – special live version / Summer night (Bat song) / The stars vs creatures / A flame my love, a frequency)

KEXP session, recorded in Seattle on 13th June 2015 – songs from Captain of None

WNYC Spinning on Air with David Garland, recorded in New York on 22nd June 2015

Interview and live footage from my show at Mutek, Montreal, 3rd June 2016, by FACT (full article)

Cover from the original soundtrack to The Night of the Hunter, “Pearl’s Dream” aka “Once upon a time there was a pretty fly”

Live at collège des bernardins, paris, june 13th 2013, filmed by no more return – youtube here

short version

long version

“i’ll read you a story” live at la villette sonique festival, june 2008, filmed by vincent moon / la blogotheque


Dublab’s Celsius Drop live interview and session recorded in Los Angeles, 2 November 2017. A little bit of the session was lost due to a computer bug, so the end of Separating and all of Another world were lost, but you still get to hear: Separating (first half) / Winter dawn – special live version / Summer night (Bat song) / One warm spark

Live radio session, at Studio 104 for Foule Sentimentale programme for France Inter radio Paris 23 November 2017, official audio of the youtube video above  (Winter dawn / The stars vs creatures)

live session and interview recorded for the “world of echo” show on WFMU on september 26, 2007
the interview and session start at 48mn, until 1hr07 mn; then from 1hr28mn to 1hr51mn; then from 2hr02mn to 2hr19mn

concert, new york’s society for ethical culture, september 24, 2007 on wnyc

live session recorded in the los angeles studios of dublab, february 2006


a snippet from an interview on for the contemporary music production interview series three dvd, discussing equipment,software ,ideas and inspirations – 2008

excerpts from live show at TAGV, coimbra, portugal + interview in French with portuguese subtitles, from portuguese tv show, april 2008

interview recorded for, during the mutek festival in montreal, may 2007


Amuletos / – entrevista en Español de 1 hora con una selección de mi discografiá para celebrar mis 20 años de actividad

Interview for Radio Ravioli / WFMU (broadcast 2nd August 2021 – interview starts in the second hour) – transcript here

Pargueland / Into the Tunnel – entrevista sobre The Tunnel en Español (broadcast 2nd July 2021)

Pargueland / Jamaican selection and interview in Spanish (broadcast 4th June 2021)

Tunnel Influences Mix + Interview For Celsius Drop / Dublab (broadcast 17th June 2021)

Aquarium Drunkard’s Transmissions podcast, 2021 – 1-hour indepth interview on The Tunnel and the Clearing and my other albums

Red Bull Music Academy Fireside Chat interview, recorded in April 2016

CKUT interview, 30 mn, 3 June 2016 (interview starts at 1h35 – go to Sound Archives, right-click on 13th June 2016 and use the “download link as” function on your computer)

She does podcast, 20 mn interview, 9 december 2015, also on Itunes

L’album de minuit – France Inter (in French, with short interview), may 2015

NPR Weekend Edition (short feature on my my music with interview), may 2015

Dinner Party Download (me selecting three tracks for an imaginary dinner)

Barbican Centre podcast, may 2015

soundwave interview, june 2013 (broadcast september 2013)

second language interview, june 2013


vpro, dwars, 2004 (later released as ‘mort aux vaches’ – music available in the LISTEN TO ALBUMS section)

wnyc, david garland’s spinning on air, august 2005

má fama, portugal, october 2006

bbc radio 6, freak zone (23 march 2008)


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