May 13, 2016 § 1 Comment

It is with great pleasure that I’m officially launching my own Bandcamp! Thrill Jockey started selling Captain of None on Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago, and together with the fact that I was about to recover the rights to my fourth album The Weighing of the Heart (released exactly 3 years ago on Second Language), I finally decided to go for it and make available not only The Weighing of the Heart (in physical formats too) and its accompanying remix EP Solar/Stellar, but also some of my older work, such as the long-out-of-print Mort aux Vaches radio session and my very first 7”, Babies, from 2002. These items have also gone on sale today via digital download and streaming platforms … and why am I giving you so many details? Well, on a very down-to-earth note, with very old recordings, weird and unpleasant stuff happens, like finding out completely by chance that they are available digitally and you didn’t even know about it, let alone are getting paid for the sales… So by buying from my Bandcamp, apart from Captain of None for which profits are shared 50/50 with Thrill Jockey, you know for sure that once Bandcamp and Paypal have taken their commission, I’m the one getting the income from your purchase. The same will happen with digital sales from other platforms for the records I mentioned.

toronto show 2nd june 2016

This year seems to be full of significant anniversaries for me: I’ve just celebrated my 40th birthday, but in September I will also celebrate 25 years of music-making and 10 years of giving up teaching to  concentrate on music full-time, and I will give my 200th show at Mutek on June 3rd! And talking of Canada and upcoming shows, I’m delighted to finally be able to announce properly the Toronto show I’ll play on June 2nd for Invocation at Ratio! I will also play in Montpellier for the Internationales de la Guitare on October 1st, and there’s more to come, so as always stay tuned! :-)))

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