commissions and live collaborations


“while we are here” 15 minute short film, director: makino takashi, japan, 2009

“fusillage” bell peal commission for leeds parish church fuseleeds festival, leeds, UK 25 april 2009

“islands within” grm / présences électronique festival, maison de la radio, paris, france
exclusive composition and performance,  for viola da gamba, tam-tams and vibraphone,  29 march 2008

“série” music score for a dance choreography by perrine valli, 2007

“colleen et les boîtes à musique”
exploring the links between music boxes and film
atelier de création radiophonique, france culture, 2006
the created music was released as “colleen et les boîtes à musique” – see discography

french ministère de la culture, paris, france
7 short pieces to be played randomly in a lift, 2004, curated by david jourdan and yuji oshima as part of the “1% artistique” law – released here


viola da gamba duet with lukas ligeti on balafon (semi-improvised),
merkin concert hall, new york, USA, may 17, 2008
watch some excerpts here

on music boxes and viola da gamba, sampled live by naja orchestra,
(vitor joaquim project with carlos zingaro, carlos santos, miguel cavalhais, pedro tudela),
eme festival, setubal, portugal, 7 october 2006
watch some excerpts here


viola da gamba duet with hervé boghossian on folk guitar (semi-improvised),
instants chavirés, montreuil, france,14 december 2007

the panopticon, glasgow, scotland, 26 june 2007:
duo with hanna tuulikki, “salutation to the sun (replica)”
helping her recreate this piece in a live context with looping pedals and her voice
+ clarinet trio with john cavanagh (aka phosphene) and chris hladowski

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