Solid Steel mix, audio interviews and shows in Cork and Portugal!

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The “Thank You Jamaica” mix I did for Solid Steel can be listened to on their soundcloud and website, where you will find a text I wrote to accompany the mix. I hope you will love the songs I selected as much as I do!

You can also hear me interviewed on American radio NPR and on the Barbican’s podcast in anticipation of my concert in London on 24th May at LSO St Luke’s presented by the Barbican and Artic circle (tickets here), and read an interview in Polish for Nowa Muzyka here.

I have kept on writing my facebook posts on how I recorded each song on the new album: “Salina Stars”, “Lighthouse” and “Soul Alphabet”.

I have also updated the lyrics section of the website to include all the lyrics of Captain of None.

Last but not least, I’m playing in Cork at the Cork Opera House this Sunday May 3rd (presented by Fractured Air, tickets here),  in Lisbon’s ZDB on 8th May and Braga’s GNRation on 9th May.


“Captain of None” video and interviews!

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You can finally view Naoko Tanaka’s incredible video for “Captain of none”, I hope you will love it as much as I do!

The video was premiered on Ad Hoc with an interview dealing specifically with the video and on the Nouvel Obs with a short interview in French.

You can also read another interview in German on Culturmag.

I also started a series of posts on my Facebook showing pictures from the recording of the album and explaining how each song was made. I will do one big post on this blog here once I reach the end of the album, but in the meantime, you can have a look on my Facebook for “Holding Horses”, “I’m Kin” and “This Hammer Breaks”.

And tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Holland where I’m playing in ‘s-Hertogenbosch at the FAQ festival on Saturday 18th April.

Bonus tracks for Japanese edition streaming and on Itunes, interviews, dub primer!

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Captain of None

has been released in Japan by Plancha and I did two dub-influenced versions of both “I’m Kin” and “Captain of None” for the Japanese CD which you can now stream from the Thrill Jockey website and buy from Itunes (you can buy the whole album or buy the tracks individually).

Here are some awesome photos of the album in Tower Records Shibuya and Tower Records Shinjuku in Tokyo last week!

tower records shinjuku 7th april 2015

tower records shibuya 7th april 2015

tower records shibuya 7th april 2015 via twitter

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Fractured Air for an in-depth view of the album, its influences and how it was made. French readers can also find an interview with The Drone.

Last but not least, I was asked by Self-Titled Magazine to choose 5 of my favorite Jamaican versions, so if you want to add some Jamaican dub goodness to your life head this way!

The video for “Captain of None” and the Solid Steel mix are coming up this week, so keep your eyes peeled for more news! :-)))

Captain of None out today, video stills and news for the week!

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After 9 long months of waiting, my fifth album Captain of None is finally out and you can stream the album directly from the Thrill Jockey page for the album and buy it there or at any other real or online shop you fancy – athough as you probably know labels benefit most when you buy your copy directly from them! The white vinyl limited edition is already sold out so a huge thank you to all those of you who have bought copies – the vinyl copies I will be selling on this tour are all white vinyl as long as that lasts, so if you want to grab a copy at one of my live shows just head straight to the merch table as I will be bringing very few copies with me (my luggage on tour is 25 kilos so I’m never able to bring large quantities of merch).

There will be many things coming up this week, and one I’m really looking forward to is the premiere of Naoko Tanaka‘s incredible video for the title song of the album – here are more stills from the video.

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 5

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 6

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 7

naoko tanaka - captain of none video still 8

There will also be interviews, a mix for Solid Steel,  a concert in Paris at the Magic Barbès Festival at FGO Barbara on Saturday, and every day on my facebook page I will post photos taken during the recording of the album, to give you a glimpse of how it was recorded. Today here’s a portrait taken by Iker Spozio of me and the star of this album, my beloved treble viola da gamba made by the great French luthier François Danger of Atelier des 7 cordes.

colleen and treble viola da gamba - iker spozio

Thank you SO MUCH for your support, it truly means a lot to me :-)))

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