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A quick post to remind you that the December “mini-leg” of my tour has arrived, starting with Lisbon ZDB tomorrow 7 December, London St John on Bethnal Green on 9 December, and Munich Alien Disko Festival on 16 December (be careful, the Facebook event lists 15 December but that’s because that’s the start of the festival)! As usual all details are in my songkick or the live section of this website! :-))) There will be a few more European shows in the spring, but don’t miss these ones if they are near to you and you want to catch me playing the new album live!

Also wanted to share the link to the amazing Machine Love feature that Resident Advisor have run on my music! It’s been such an honour to give one of the most in-depth interviews I’ve ever done on my working process ! Mark Smith visited my studio in San Sebastián back in September and we spent the afternoon talking about my entire discography, how I record, how I approach live playing, and so much more stuff that’s dear to me! I really hope that you will like reading this article and interview as much as I enjoyed replying to Mark’s questions, and the articles also features the best photos ever taken of my studio (and me in the studio – something that never happens since usually I’m the one taking photos ;-) by the super talented Isabel Dublang – the picture below is my absolute favorite, it really captures what the studio looks like on a sunny day, and what I try to transmit with my music: light :-) :-) :-)

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