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From Moog:

Tutorial: How to create a complete song using five Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins and just two external audio sources!

Inside her DAW of choice, French musician Cécile Schott (@colleenplays) details how to replicate a hardware gear workflow with sends and returns using nine instances of the plug-ins (more info on the plugins here), treating each effect as its own instrument. From the artist:
“I have a pretty intimate knowledge of the MF-104M Analog Delay, MF105 MIDIMuRF and MF-101 Lowpass Filter, so I was curious to hear the effects’ digital replica and try the other two I didn’t know, especially the MF-107S Freqbox, which I fell in love with madly (it is responsible for the song’s impossibly crunchy rhythm!).
I purposefully used a very minimal sound source – the Hammond of the Yamaha Reface-YC – as a blank canvas to showcase what makes the Moogerfoogers truly unique: their ability to radically transform sound and impart a sense of motion, making them closer to a synth module than an effect pedal. Having just finished a fully instrumental album, I actually really felt like singing the lyrics to a song which I had to discard, allowing me to also showcase the MF-104M as an awesome vocal processor.”

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