back from portugal + lisbon concert photos + interview and record selection for fractured air

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Here I am, back from Portugal where on Thursday 23rd I played my first concert in 4 years and 4 months. To say that I felt emotional is a gross understatement: I just could not believe that after all these months of preparation it was finally happening, and other things came to increase my emotions. The concert, organized by ZDB, took place at the Anglican church of St George in Lisbon, set within the cemetery grounds, which is also an incredible garden full of exotic trees where dozens and dozens of birds are chirping away and going about their business. As the PA was being prepared inside, I sat rehearsing in the shade, and just lifting my head up to look at the trees and birds, I felt so incredibly lucky to be there. On top of that, my hosts at ZDB, Sérgio who was organizing the concert and coordinating my other two dates in Coimbra and Guimaraes, Daniela who helped with everything, and Cristiano the sound engineer, were so absolutely amazing humanly and professionally that I guess it made me feel even more emotional.

As for the concert itself, although my emotions sometimes got the better of me technically, I was so happy to finally play for an audience, as well as sing live for the first time, and present the new record and a couple of new songs and cover versions!

I also had a great time in Coimbra and Guimarães, and coupled with the great weather, the beauty of Portugal and the ingestion of many pastéis de nata, this made for the ideal “comeback” I was hoping for! Thank you so much lovely Portuguese people!

You can see some really beautiful pictures of my soundcheck and of the concert in Lisbon on the website of the very talented photographer behind far out and beyond ( I’m including just two below)

colleen far out and beyond 1

colleen far out and beyond 2

In other news, I had the opportunity of having a really nice conversation with the Irish musical webzine Fractured Air (whose “slogan” I love and totally identify with: The universe is making music all the time): you can read the indepth interview here, as well as listen to some of my favourite music of the moment on their “Whatever you love you are” section. Thank you Mark and Craig!

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