Fifth album finished!

July 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

After 3 months of almost non-stop recording and mixing, MY FIFTH ALBUM IS OFFICIALLY FINISHED!  The album won’t be released for a while due to the heavy schedule of the label releasing it, so you and I will have to be very patient, but fear not, in 2015 it will come (I will be able to announce the release date publicly in November).

It was my first time recording and mixing an album during the spring and early summer, what’s more in near-perfect conditions, so this album is by far the one I’ve enjoyed working on the most (90% pleasure / 10% pain – whereas for some of my albums the balance was closer to 50/50! ;-) The mastering remains to be done, but now it’s mostly time to relax and rest, prepare for the live shows and some possible other surprises, and enjoy the summer…

I will be posting other photos that I took during the recording process once we get closer to the release date.  I *really* cannot wait for you to hear it, as well as play it live… I will play a couple of live shows in autumn 2013, but you can expect a lot more shows (hopefully on both sides of the Atlantic) once the album is released.

Wishing a wonderful summer to you all, and as always thanks for your time and support!


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