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As with all things social media, it’s only taken me close to 10 years to join this particular platform! So here goes, my Instagram
Just as I’ve done on my Facebook, I intend for this to be a space where the topics are music, the way and the conditions in which it is created, by which I mean not just the instruments and the gear, but also the physical and mental spaces needed to do it, the various sources of inspiration, the technical know how (or lack thereof, and how that can somehow be remedied – or not), specific setups, etc… You’ll for sure see plenty of the red and cream cat named Sol who graces the profile picture, because when I’m in the studio, he’s in the studio, so even if I wanted to, there’s no way of keeping him out of there and here! 
I’m in the process of creating and recording my 7th album, so from now on I will post regularly (across my 3 platforms: this website, my Facebook and Instagram) about the many bits and pieces that will end up forming a whole at some point – a whole which I can’t wait to share with you when it’s completed!

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