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RECORDING OF LP7 STARTED YESTERDAY + SPACE ECHO RE201 CLEANING I officially started recording my 7th album yesterday afternoon, and today Miss Space Echo got her parts cleaned, though I haven’t changed her tape. I briefly discussed this with Gid at @soundgasltd, the incredible people who supplied me with both my Space Echo and the Elka Drummer One, explaining to him that I am loving how the tape sounds after its many months of use, and that I have grown almost superstitiously attached to the idea of recording the album with the exact same tape that I have used during the composing/rehearsal process, but a slight wow and flutter is pretty perceptible now (certainly more so than when I first started using the machine and its new tape), and Gid confirmed that I could just try cleaning the heads and parts of the Space Echo without necessarily replacing the tape. Just done so, and while the heads were very clean, the capstan was pretty dirty, so I’m curious to see if this will contribute to changing the sound.  This little video (mobile phone in one hand, Yamaha Reface YC keyboard under the other) shows the moment of switching on the machine again to check everything’s running smoothly: apparently it is! Chords are from the title track of the album. My cat Sol miraculously stayed asleep throughout the whole cleaning process: I didn’t intend him to be there in the first place as I thought cleaning the Space Echo with him in the same room was a big no-no, since he has actually tried to attack the echo’s VU meter needle (I wish I were making this up… ) – hence the bit of painter’s tape that I now keep close to the meter in case he starts again. But no, he stayed placidly asleep, perhaps because his interest in being King of the Space Echo has actually dwindled over the past couple of months (he now prefers to land sliding on the Grandmother and walk all over the rest of the gear… it was better when he was on top of the Space Echo!!! 😉) #rolandspaceecho #spaceechore201 #soundgasltd #yamaharefaceyc #colleenplays #thrilljockey

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