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If like me, for personal and/or Covid reasons, the only biped you’re spending the so-called festive season with is the person you see in the mirror every morning (and in that case, I hope that also like me, you are lucky enough to share your life with a couple of furry quadrupeds), chances are you could do with more great music in your life, so without further ado… Back to the mix retrospective I had started a couple of months ago, which I had to interrupt when work on LP7 got really intense.

6 long years elapsed between my 3rd album Les ondes silencieuses and my 4th The Weighing of the heart. Sometimes it just takes time to rebuild yourself artistically.
Some of my biggest inspirations were Arthur Russell and Moondog. Also lots of non-Western strings (Brigitte Fontaine, Alain Peters, Zainidin Imanaliev, Violeta Parra), influencing my way of playing my violas.
The Gareth Williams/Mary Currie, Stina Nordenstam and Laurie Anderson songs were almost «templates» for me in terms of mixing traditional song structure with experimentation.
African Brothers Band I just love as it has that rare quality of being both melancholy and joyful at the same time, with that unimitable African groove and warm sound.
The Yabby You/Lee Perry track points to what I already felt like doing but didn’t have the time to achieve except on «Breaking up the earth», announcing the flavour of Captain of none.
Mix made for the label that released The Weighing, Second Language Music. Eternal gratitude to Glen Johnson/Textile Ranch/Piano Magic, David John Sheppard/Snow Palms and Martin Jensen/The Home Current.

Moondog – Voices Of Spring
African Brothers Band – Kyeremirekuku
Gareth Williams And Mary Currie -Generous Moon
Alain Peters – Mangé Pour Le Coeur
Laurie Anderson – Big Science
Yabby You / Lee Perry – Rally Dub
Stina Nordenstam – The World Is Saved
Brigitte Fontaine – La Fille Du Curé
Zainidin Imanaliev – Küidüm Chok
Violeta Parra – La Pericona Se Ha Muerto
The Kiwi Animal – Time Of The Leaves
The Servants – People Going Places
Arthur Russell – Place I Know/Kid Like You

Photo Electronik festival, Rennes, France, 16 10 13, by Thom.

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