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Hello 2021… Here’s to better times for everyone…

My love story with Jamaican music is in three parts: first as a child in the late 70s/early 80s, when my parents bought (probably by accident) a tape containing mostly Lee Perry songs from 1976, which we would listen to on long car trips. Then in my mid-20s when I moved to Paris and bought and borrowed dozens of Jamaican reissues from the Paris music libraries – it was the first time I was listening to the music with a musician’s ear, but given my way of making music at that time (sampling from records) I ended up concentrating on other genres which could be of use as more “unrecognizable” sample-fodder. But in late 2012, just as I was recording my fourth album The Weighing of the Heart, I rediscovered the music and this time it hit me really deep – it was like my ears were finally in the right condition to really hear the music in all its amazing inventiveness, and I had also reached a point in my own way of making music where finally I could see how the Jamaican sense of freedom and experimentation could infuse my own music – and from that moment I knew in what direction I would take my next album, which became Captain of None.


Glen Brown And King Tubby – Version 78 Style

The Techniques – I’ll Be Waiting

Noel Ellis – To Hail Salassie

King Tubby’s and the Aggrovators  – A Noisy Place

Burning Spear – Ethiopians Live It Out

Glen Brown and King Tubby – Termination Dub

Tappa Zukie – Judgement Dub

Ronnie Davis – Run Around Girl (Discomix)

Alton Ellis – I’ll Be Waiting

Stranger Cole and Bullwackies All Stars – It takes Time

Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus – Jesus Christus Is The King

Rankin Devon – Change Your Folly Ground

Lee Van Cliff & Scientist – Wiser Than Solomon (discomix)

The Heptones – Sweet Talking (extended mix)

Winston Wright – Top Secret

Prince Buster – Rock & Shake

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