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Test pressings of my new album The Tunnel and the Clearing arrived this week, and they sound great, so fingers crossed that vinyl production will go without delay in spite of Covid making things even more lengthy and complicated at vinyl plants in the US. Here’s a snippet of the fist track from the album, “The Crossing”.

Yesterday the second single of the album was released.

Of my entire catalogue spanning 18 years, “Implosion-Explosion” is the track I’m proudest of in terms of production. “Gazing at Taurus – Santa Eulalia” was about holding on to a physical vision (the figure of Santa Eulalia at the top of Barcelona’s cathedral, and at night the Pleiades above it) to withstand intense sadness. “Implosion-Explosion” is the flipside of the same coin, going into an angry territory which I hadn’t had the chance to explore in my music before, which gives me a chance to tell you more about the album and that song in particular.
The Tunnel and the Clearing is a sonic translation of the highly emotional state and the heightened sense of perception that come in the wake of a breakup and a period of great changes, with the subsequent necessary reconstruction this entails. “Implosion-Explosion” is my attempt at expressing both the sensation of being completely “see-through” once out alone in the outside world, and the combined feelings of pain and anger at what cannot be changed. PLEASE LISTEN LOUDLY at Thrill Jockey’s mail order, my Bandcamp, or any other place you fancy.
TECH SPECS: @soundgasltd Elka Drummer One into Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Yamaha Reface YC into @moogsynthesizers Moog MF-101 Lowpass Filter and MF-104M Analog Delay, vocals doubletracked into MF-104M Analog Delay. No plugin.

This week I will have the immense pleasure of letting you know about something special we’re preparing with @chiquitaroom here in Barcelona for the album’s release, so keep your eyes peeled :-)

Night studio series by Luis Torroja

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