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Given the seemingly unending pandemic, it is with great emotion and slight disbelief that I am announcing what seems impossible even to me: a real live show in London, in beautiful Kings Place, full capacity. The London audience has always had a soft spot in my heart: my largest audience in Europe, and one of the most enthusiastic too (I’ll never forget the show at St John’s on Bethnal Green in December 2017: I’d never seen an atmosphere like that in a church and even asked the audience if they’d been handed something illegal before entering, such was their cheerful attitude! :-))) So needless to say I will try to make this show as special as possible. Tickets and details here.

To illustrate this excellent news, what could be more appropriate than more excellent news? Luis Torroja has almost completed the editing of our minidocumentary on my new album The Tunnel and the Clearing, and here’s a tiny snippet for your pleasure, a section of the opening track “The Crossing”, featuring the Elka Drummer One and Space Echo.

Earlier this month, I also finally changed the tape of my beloved RE201 Space Echo: the tape it came with when I first got it in December 2019, the tape that accompanied me throughout the making of The Tunnel and the Clearing  and which I didn’t change *on purpose* even though it sounded used and tired – I felt the same way, and thought there couldn’t be a better symbol of what I was going through than to keep literally repeating with that tape.
After I finished the album, I felt a strange resistance to actually changing it, but I have finally done it… I’ll stop the talking and let the pics of those beautiful innards do the talking. In order of appearance from 2 onwards: old tape, tape “trajectory” details, new tape straight out of its box looking quite like a Yin/Yang symbol, then finally set up to run. It sounds beautiful 😃

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