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I’ve had the pleasure of being asked some really interesting questions on both the new album and my entire output for several media outlets across various countries and in several languages, and this has been such a positive, heartwarming experience: at bottom, every artist hopes that their work will be understood and appreciated, and it has felt incredible to feel this so strongly on an album that has such deep personal roots and which I also see as a kind of “sum” of my musical influences and past work.

To also have all of my 7 albums celebrated – with an actual Bandcamp Daily retrospective and an 8-page article in Italian magazine Blow Up – has led me to feeling even more gratitude: I had no expectation when I started work on what became my first album, Everyone alive wants answers, back in 2002, that it would even see the light of day as an album, let alone be the start of a long adventure, and still be talked about and listened to almost 20 years down the line.

Here’s a list of all the interviews so far, in English except where mentioned, starting with the most indepth one for Aquarium Drunkard’s Transmissions podcast.

Bandcamp Daily retrospective “Colleen guides her through her fearless discography”

The Quietus (UK), “Taking stock: Colleen’s favourite albums”

Tush Magazine (Germany), “Between beauty, Brancusi and breakup”

Rock Delux (Spain), “El arte de desaparecer” – Spanish–el-arte-de-desaparecer

Blow Up (Italy), 8-page retrospective (you need to buy the issue to read the whole article) – Italian

Magic (France), “Colleen: la création artistique, une thérapie obligée” – French

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