“Revelation” Grandmother tutorial

August 18, 2021 § Leave a comment

No pun intended on the title of the second song on my album The Tunnel and the Clearing (“Revelation”), but the first time I heard the effect of the Moog Grandmother’s mod wheel while processing an external sound source, I did have a revelation, and I truly believe this sort of powerful and poetic processing can take a song to a whole other level. I use the adjective “poetic” because I feel a lot of “gear talk” is focused on more objective and descriptive factors, but to me the whole beauty of electronic instruments is that they are evocative in ways that are totally different to acoustic or electric instruments, and I do find those evocative qualities to be of a poetic nature: in this case, there’s a sparkling fluidity to the sound that helps me to translate sonically what I mean to say with the lyrics (the search for an elusive truth), and the climactic ending (not included in this video) serves the same purpose of transmitting a heightened sense of hope.

I hope that those of you who care about how music is actually made will enjoy this video and find it of some use or inspiration. 

GEAR: Yamaha Reface YC – aux sent to Grandmother – bussed to MF-104M delay.

Last week’s post on my Grandmother patch sheet details the exact routing. The settings for this song are very similar to the ones used for “Hidden in the Current”.

The first video is purely the instrumental, the second video features my voiceover with explanations.

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