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For many reasons I don’t play many shows (I even made – then reversed – a decision to stop playing live altogether last year), and what this means is that playing live becomes even more loaded with significance and potential consequences. When you play a lot (by my standards, 30 shows a year qualifies as “a lot”, especially if you play outside of Europe, and is what I used to do back in the mid-2000s), you get into a groove from a technical point of view, and if a show doesn’t go particularly well, you just move on to the next show, or can remember the last show not so long ago that did go really well. But when you play just a handful of shows, you have to rehearse a lot more, and if it doesn’t go well, it can immediately bring to mind thoughts such as “Why do I even bother? So much work and the fatigue of travelling, for such an uncertain result?”. Thankfully, the reverse is also true, and both the London show @kingsplacelondon in March and the Madrid show last Sunday really made me feel like playing live is worth all the effort, both for the happy sonic moments that happen and that are different from studio work because of sheer volume and venue acoustics, and – of course – for the human connection. I am able to enjoy the latter aspect even more now that I finally – after almost 20 years of doing this on my own on 90% of shows! – got a Swiss-knife-type assistant: David @furvoice @mutabor_music acts as my roadie, tech assistant (helping me set up the gear, giving feedback during soundcheck, packing it all again after the show in a mad rush), merch person, all rolled into one. It has been a game changer and I am so grateful for your help David 🙏🙏🙏!
My deepest thanks to you the audience members ❤❤❤, @lacasaencendida for having me for the third time, Andrés Noarbe @discosrotor for inviting me twice, 📷 @lamarymanson “Implosion-Explosion”, @wesmaga “The Tunnel and the Clearing”, @galanpop “Gazing at Taurus – Santa Eulalia”, @marylamanson “Gazing at Taurus – Night Sky Rumba” and the new untitled song. As always, the sound from mobile phones on mobile phones is what it is, but headphones or an amp help! :-)

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