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Registration for my Moogfest workshop “To play or not to play your album: live strategies for the solo performer” opens today Tuesday, April 18 at 12:00 noon ET!

These days, within the broad “electronic” genre within which my music is generally classified, there are few acts operating live on stage without a computer and/or prerecorded elements, and I’m one of them:  over the years I’ve developed a specific pedal-only setup and refined and diversified my way of using it in order to try and replicate my albums live – smething which I wasn’t really able to do during the first half of my recording career.  In this workshop I will discuss how my live setup and approach have evolved over the years, and playing concrete examples from Captain of None on the exact same setup that I use for my shows, I will show you the various approaches and tools that I use to try and solve the very real problems facing the musician that creates complex layered music within the studio and tries to replicate it as a solo performer.

This will be my first ever workshop and after giving more than 200 concerts in the space of 13 years I’m truly looking forward to sharing some of my methods with you! I will play live the previous day, Saturday May 20th at 4.40 pm in the First Presbyterian Church, and the workshop takes place on Sunday May 21, 10:30am – 12:00pm at The Mezzanine at the Durham. Places are very limited so if you are interested, please head over here!


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