Colleen Captain of None - artwork by Iker Spozio

Hello and welcome to my site !

My fifth album Captain of None is out now on Thrill Jockey!

My first album Everyone Alive Wants Answers is reissued by Leaf on vinyl here and issued on tape for the first time by Beacon Sound (second edition on Beacon Sound exclusively, remaining copies of the first edition on Midheaven).

I’ve tried to make this website really informative for those of you who already know my music or have just discovered it: you can listen to my albums, see videos for my songs or of me playing live, check out if I’m playing near you here or on my Songkick, listen to my recent mixes (or check out my older mixes on my Mixcloud), see where and how I work, read my interviews and my news, and tons of other things on the left-hand side menu!

You can follow the news blog by clicking on the link on the right-hand side of the screen, or follow me on Facebook .

You can also buy my fourth album The Weighing of the Heart directly from me.

Thanks for your support!

Cécile (colleen)

Credits:  website background and Captain of None artwork and design by Iker Spozio, I´m Kin video by Christophe Thockler, Captain of None video by Naoko Tanaka.


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